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Our Black Friday Offers

Let us help you bring in new patients to scheduled appointments!

This is the only time we're offering promotions for our premium services.

Our services are proven to help generate more patients in your medical clinic.

✔️ High-quality Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube ads

✔️ No Long Term Contracts

✔️ Exclusively work with medical practice

✔️ Automated System With Proven Results

✔️ We create your entire sales pipeline for you

$500 Off

Paid Ad Services


Sales concierge

$500 Off

Social media

$500 Off


Get more patients automatically with our Black Friday Promotions

Offers include

Average Results:

  • Non-invasive treatments like laser,
    Botox, etc, trt, htr, an average of scheduled appointments:
    2 - 6 new patients a week
    With CPA/ Cost per acquisition averaging a $40 pr scheduled consultation.
  • Offers for Invasive procedures like facelifts, and breast augmentations, with paid consultations you can expect an average of $50-65 per scheduled consultation with an average of 1 - 3 scheduled consultations per week
  • When you offer a free consultation to your patients, you can expect 3 - 6 scheduled consultations per week

    You'll be grandfathered in for our service for only $1500 for as long as you want to continue monthly services; cancel anytime!

1. $500 off our paid ad services for either Facebook or Google ads. 

This is normally $2000 per month. 

This service is for medical practices who have a great online presence and wonderful reputation but need an automated sales system that  drives in new patients from proven social media campaigns each week.

What you’ll get:

An entire marketing and sales funnel that includes ad copy, videos, banner ads, landing pages, automated email sequence tracking, receiving new leads immediately, automation, weekly reports, 24-hour customer service, and more.

How it works:

In every single ad, we remind your audience why they should get a consultation, treatment, or procedure from you, promote your service to your target market, and have them schedule a consultation that demonstrates to your prospects why they should come to you instead of your competition.


Clients minimum stay with anywhere from 6 months- 3 years, so if you continue to work with us for one year, that’s a savings of $6000, while receiving scheduled patients every week that generates 200% more profits.

Offer 2: Sales Concierge: 30-day Free Trial with Paid Ad services

What you’ll get:

New scheduled appointments
From our paid ad leads, our sales team follows up on your lead within 15 minutes.
After setting up the ads, where the leads are received during working hours, we'll contact the lead immediately after they subscribe to your paid ad offer.
This increases consultations by 10x more!
After the trial, we work on a no-fee, commission-based system.

This results in:
Immediate repeat business from past clients
Immediate referrals and ongoing increase in overall referrals.

After the trial, we can also:

We can also ask your subscriber list to write a review, let them in on current deals, and offer incentives for offering referral clients. Contact your happy clients to write a Google review.

Our team even stays on the phone with them while they do it!

Fact: Adding social proof to Google ads converts QUALIFIED leads to a 22% increase in scheduled consultations! This is an absolute game-changer! No one else is doing this and they will definitely increase your consultation rates from Google ads.

Offer 3: Social media- $500 off

Only $750 per month for Instagram AND Facebook channels ( Normally $1250)

This service is for medical practices who do not have a strong online presence or brand authority and your team doesn't have time, software, strategy to make a strong brand statement.

What you’ll get:

  • R+ D hashtags, recommendations, etc
  • 4 boosted posts
  • Editorial calendar
  • Videos, graphics of your offers and brand

Offer 4. Get our latest automated lead-gen chatbot for your website or Instagram or Facebook platform

What you’ll get:

This is perfect for any medical clinic that wants to generate more leads from their Instagram profile, Facebook page, or website. You can also use this bot to share an attractive presentation of the clinic and convenient appointment forms.

This bot is specifically designed to increase brand awareness and get qualified leads, with online scheduling, payment, and intake forms, saving your staff over 4 hours per week on organization, all while creating a quick, seamless patient journey.

This results in:
•  Immediate repeat business from past clients
• Immediate referrals and ongoing increase in overall referrals

This results in:
•  Immediate repeat business from past clients
• Immediate referrals and ongoing increase in overall referrals

We can implement this bot today have to have leads going to you automatically this week! (Seriously)

Now only $550 for the template, installation, autoresponders, and more.

See how it works here.

About us

We increase your patient schedule appointments by 28% + a year

For over 5 years, we've been helping medical practices save hours of time by eliminating a full-time marketing staff while increasing their profit margins by 35% more each year.

We are not your run-of-the-mill ad agency, and we do not believe in overnight success. Instead, we focus on building sustainable and long-lasting Facebook™ Ad strategies that deliver impressive results, such as:

* $250,000 per month for a plastic surgeon

* $60,000 to $80,000 in NEW monthly revenue for a medical spa

Our team of talented strategists, media buyers, copywriters, and designers at Web Sprout is committed to transforming Facebook™ Ads into your personal ATM by providing the right team and process.

Let us handle your lead generation, so you can focus on what you love.

* Check out our 5-star reviews from our clients on Facebook + Google

Click on the link to apply, and if we believe you're a good match, I will personally hop on a Zoom call with you to discuss how we can help you achieve your revenue goals.