I've created this video below for you on how you can be receiving more patients because I can see from your online marketing, you aren't receiving as many leads as you should be. You have a flawless reputation, and stunning before and after photos, but I don't see a clear onboarding process that turns those looky-loos and fence-sitters to commit to a consultation.

I'm talking about salivating copy that will stop your prospect to stop reading to immediately jump on the phone to schedule a consultation with you.

We can do that for you.

For over 4 years, our team of copywriters, media buyers, and designers at have created ads, marketing funnels, and email sequences for top plastic surgeons that generate a 35% in scheduled consultation rates each month.

RxMarketing.co, is the plastic surgeon's choice for their paid digital marketing needs. Our team only works with reputable medical practices that we're confident we can get more qualified patients from Facebook and Google campaigns.

Based on your top reviews, are receiving this information, we selected you as one of those surgeons we can not only amplify your online presence but also receive more qualified patients for each of your procedures.

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If you decide to work with us, you'll get our monthly rate of $500 off each month. Let's put this into perspective: Although our services can be canceled anytime, most of our clients have stayed with us for over two years. If you were to become a similar client you'd have saved over $1200 while receiving a 40% increase from ROAS instead of a 35% increase from your Return on Ad Spend)

* Please keep in mind- We are only available to partner with just one cosmetic surgery center, offering two exclusive procedures in your area.

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How We're Different:

We're the real deal and we know our stuff! (And Facebook and Google Partners.)

Rx Marketing only works with Med Spas and Plastic Surgery Clinics for the past 4 years providing Google/Youtube, Instagram/Facebook campaigns. We only work with clients we know we can get results for. We're all-inclusive, providing the creatives, copywriting, keywords, ads, landing pages, email sequences, tracking, and reports... everything. All you do is sit back, and watch the qualified leads come in your inbox.

We know it takes more than just one touchpoint to get a prospect to convert to a patient.

This is why we have created multiple videos for each campaign/ procedure that include an extensive email sequence, that amplifies your brand while adding urgency to get them to schedule a consultation quickly.

The more expensive your procedure is, the more touchpoints, aka, email sequences, your prospects need to go through.

Our clients have told us that our marketing campaigns and email sequences have brought in more qualified consultations than any other agency they've worked with.

We've created over 50 Google and Facebook ad campaigns for specific procedures

  • Our proven campaigns will get you results.
  • Most medical practices come to us because they've been burned by digital agencies in the past who got them very little results. We're not like other agencies -Our team goes beyond the call of duty, making sure your ideal audience schedule consultation from you and help you outshine your competitors.
  • We have a qualified team that's experts in their fields of copywriting, video editing, and analytics. We test and track everything to be able to scale fast.

For every stage of the marketing funnel, we turn your prospect from a "Maybe" to "YES! Sign me up!"

The fastest way to create exponential increases in sales and profits is by implementing an “ascension model”, offering your prospects the opportunity to receive more value from you at higher prices. We get results by segmenting your marketing and sales funnels into a clearly defined pathway consisting of “baby steps” for your clients to advance through with less resistance.

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Work with a digital marketing agency that can hit the ground running, bringing qualified patients straight to your inbox.

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As a leader in paid ads for medical practices, we're confident that we can get you results from our proven ad campaigns.

Still not convinced? Check out our pitch deck with case studies and landing page examples here  

Our Team

Elizabeth Conlon

Elizabeth is a digital strategist and funnel automation expert who's created beauty campaigns for over a decade. Her wealth of knowledge in automation systems and digital strategies has been helping practices increase their patient consultation rate each month.

Sevelina Trifonova
Facebook and Google Ad Expert

Sevelina Trifonova holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Ramapo University, where she graduated with Cum Laude and was on the Dean's List. Before joining RxMarketing, she worked at Beautonomy, an e-commerce cosmetic brand as well as the digital marketing agency, Digital. Her areas of expertise include Google and Facebook advertising.

She's certified in

• Google For Business
• Google AdWords Certified

Derrick Kwa
Facebook and Google Ad Expert

Derrick Kwa is a data scientist and marketer. He specializes in both data science and online marketing. He is a graduate of  Hampshire College and has worked with several cosmetic companies before joining RxMarketing

Case study snapshots:
Chatbot results from Facebook messenger ad: $32,500 profit from one campaign in less than one month

Google Ad Results for Filler Campaign:
Chatbot results from Facebook messenger ad: $32,500 profit from one campaign in less than one month

Our Clients Love Us
More Google reviews here

"I was able to increase the number of patients for my medical spas with the help of these digital agency team." Kristen Mitchell

"Liz is extremely knowledgeable regarding all things sales and a pleasure to work with. She went above and beyond to understand our patient's needs ahead of our scheduled consultation"

- Dr.Stickel

"After owning this medical practice for more than 25 years, I‘ve been hit up by more marketing agencies than I can count. But this one was different - First of all, I like the fact that they work with medical practices and understand the HIPAA regulations.

Second of all, they actually were able to SHOW me PROOF of how they are getting new patients for surgeons- and not just 3 or four, but HUNDREDS of them each month! I ‘ve never seen anything like it! I’ve been now working with them for over 3 months, getting a SUBSTANTIAL increase in new patients. This agency knows their stuff! Highly recommend!" - Dr. J

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