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Our Facebook Ads provide proven results for medical practices



Paid Ads

Leave the patient prospecting to us

We are specialists, paid search, automated marketing funnels to connect with an intake form and appointment scheduler. and conversion rate optimization is all that we do.

Our service will save your agency thousands of dollars by helping you avoid hiring and training in-house digital marketing staff while also increasing your margins.

Even if your practice already has an in-house digital marketing staff, please consider us as your ‘on call’ PPC overflow team.

We’ve got all of our proven successful campaigns and marketing funnels available – chatbots templates, highest performing ppc keywords for tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, lipo, lip fillers etc.

We’ll be on call for you whenever your in-house team has too much work to handle!

When you outsource your lead-gen campaigns to us, we handle everything from :
• Facebook ads, PPC ads, Google analytics 
 • Copy 
 • Messaging for  chatbots
• AdWords/Bing account creation
• Set-up, ad copywriting
• Email integration
•  Optimization, landing pages,
• Conversion tracking, call tracking, reporting, and more! 

PPc/ Google Ads

What’s Included

  • 15-30 Minute Onboarding Call
  • Account & Campaign Setup for ONE social platform
  • Landing Page integration 
  • Conversion tracking implementation for calls and lead form submissions
  • Expert Campaign Setup (including keyword research, ad copy, audience targeting, ad extensions, neg keywords
  • Monthly Account Management and Optimizations
  • Client Reporting Dashboard in Google Data Studio


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads for medical practices include: Video ads, Conversion ads, Lead ads and/or messenger ads with Chatbot set up



It fills the instant gratification of receiving leads quickly without having to build a landing page or website. 

High converting lead machine

Landing Pages

We custom create landing pages based on your audience and messaging. Our landing pages are proven to convert 25% higher than other digital marketing agencies. 

 From ad creative to target and testing, these are some of the essential components that go into creating a successful ad:

• The offer in the landing page is aligned with the target audience

• The offer is compelling enough to have someone give them an email address

• The client has enough information on their website to create a successful retargeting campaign 

• The copywriting for the landing page not only speaks to the target audience, but begs for them to sign up. 

There is a deadline/ time sensitivity to the offer 

Contact us for a free audit and See how your competitors’ ads are performing