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All marketing agencies are not the same. Some specialize in different services- Facebook or Google ads for example, while focusing on specific niches- e-commerce, Shopify websites, personal injury lawyers.. .the list goes on.

  1. Case studies
    Make sure your UVP fits into their wheelhouse.
    Whatever your niche is, make sure that the agency that you decide to work with has experience with that niche, and the case studies to show their process of how they’re getting results. The case study should also reveal how much they know about their niche’s audience and the platform they are using.

For example, if you’re a personal injury lawyer who’s stumbled upon a Facebook agency that has a personal injury case study, look to see if they have screenshots from their Facebook dashboard that actually shows their data, funnels, etc.
The case study should also reveal how resourceful and creative they are- are they using videos for the lawyer?

Protip: Video views retargeted to conversion ads are the cheapest way to get the highest conversions from Facebook ads. So if you ARE looking for a facebook marketer, make sure they are doing video for your ads.

2. Consultation Call
Ok, so you’ve researched some agencies and found an agency that has experience doing ads for your field, and you’re satisfied with the case studies, and their results. Time to set up a consultation call!
If they set up your call for a video call using Skype or Zoom, that’s a good sign- it usually means they are willing to share their screen to show you their dashboard with stats.

Here are the questions you need to ask on the call for a paid ads marketing agency:

  1. Ask them about their past average conversions for your industry and if they create a free offer for you.
    Typically the insurance companies and lawyers get about a 4% conversion but if they have an opt-in – like “free report, or 15 % discount until ___” this converts 35% higher.
  2. Ask them how many leads you can expect from the budget you can provide. If they can’t give you an estimate or know your average cost per acquisition, run for the hills! If they’ve been working in your niche for a while, they should know this based on their previous experience.
  3. Ask them about their communication process and if they were to take you on, if they would step in and recommend certain ways to increase their relevancy score. It’s all about forming relationships. Personally, I think of every client as a long term partner and give suggestions- like making sure their site speed is high, and make sure their privacy policy is up on their website, to increase their relevancy score.
    Find out their house rules-How quickly they will get back to you via email, what types of contracts they have- month-to-month, etc.
    Ask to see their creatives, too and if they match your taste level.
  4. After the call
    Overall any partnership is about trust, communication and relationships. Get a sense of how you’ve felt after the call. Confident they can handle your work? Weary of their bold promises? Listen to your gut