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MD Miami: The Challenge

Michael Turner is a medical director at MD. Miami.

His practice was currently receiving about 2 consultations per week for a variety of services from $3050 a month on Google ads. He wanted to triple his consultation rate while lower his ad spend. He had a lot of competition and wanted a way to position himself to get at least 3 x more consultations.

MD Miami’s¬†¬†reputation isn‚Äôt widely known, and has a has high competition in the Miami area and needs a way to stand out amongst the competition.





He needed clarity in his business to :

  • How to stand out amongst his competition¬†
  • Develop a system to get more leads.¬†¬†
  • Decide which services to emphasis.

He never had a trackable system to find out where appointments were coming from. He needed an organized system that could track leads, to be able to scale.

He hired us to create this trackable, seamless system to onboard new clients. Their expectations for hiring us was to bring them more leads and increase their consulting rate by 25% each week

The Solution

After studying the demographics, and deciding how to get this surgeon to stand out, I revamped his branding that was targeted for a younger¬† audience, 25-39. I create an automated ‚Äúnurturing‚ÄĚ marketing funnel that focuses on breast augmentation services.¬†

He wanted to get more consultations for mommy makeovers  procedures, since it’s a less competitive service in Miami. But after looking at his google analytics, the  mommy makeovers were only getting around 200 views per month but breast augmentation services were receiving 800 views per month, mostly from women in their 30’s from NYC and Miami

Automated System

The automated funnel will do all of the heavy lifting for him. And all he needs to do is check is email to see when his next consultation is scheduled. 

We did this by:

  • Showing how MD Miami¬† is the best surgeon for breast augmentation, with credibility and authority
  • Get the audience excited to book a consultation¬†
  • Created an online community to help answer any questions
  • Have the client be able to answer intake questions and schedule directly from the website

The Ads

To increase his consultations, I knew the best method was to use facebook ads, targeted would be targeted to his demographic of women wanting breast augmentations. 

He also has a lot of video content so I’m able to create a marketing funnel that can create video ads, which are only about 3 cents per second. 

We’d then retarget the people who watched 75% of those videos, to a video ad showing case studies. This “nurturing funnel will them lead them to a landing page with a 25% discount if they scheduled a consultation.

The Funnel







Shopping for breasts

We created the landing page to¬† get the patient excited enough to book an appointment and show up for their consultation. To achieve this we’d help them visualize what they would look like by having them select their ideal celebrity’s body type. ¬†

Once they select their ideal image, they can upload a photo of themselves, that will be added to the intake form on their consultation. 

The Call to Action” button would say ‚Äú Want to see how we can create this for you?¬†Schedule a consultation here.”¬†

The surgeon would get an email letting them know about their upcoming appointment, and an attachment of their photos they chose.

Events for FAQ

For the people that weren’t ready to schedule a consultation, but clicked on the landing page, that audience would schedule the funnel for ‚ÄúFAQ about Breast Augmentation‚ÄĚ that would take them to a support community.

We also created monthly events for his community.  The goal would be to have the experience relieve any anxiety they had if they could meet the staff in person that could answer their questions. This would also give them a sense of the environment, build a relationship with the staff.


In  just one month, he received 10 sales out of 15 consultations scheduled for breast augmentation surgery.  

$70,000 per month

$7000  x 10= $7000 per month 


$800 Ad budget

Ad Budget= $800 per month
$3 per click

75 % conversion

 15 opt-ins= 10 sales

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