We are honored that RxMarketing had been selected as a Facebook Premium Partner — the highest-ranking agency certification within Facebook Marketing Partners Program.

Great news for our clients who receive 24/7 customer service from Facebook, advanced analytics tools, recommendations, and detailed reports to understand and improve client performance.

So What Exactly Is the Facebook Marketing Partner Program?

The Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) program is a global community of third-party Facebook solutions —individuals, agencies, and technology platforms (apps) — carefully selected by Facebook for the agency’s solid track record of success.

As a partner we’ve been vetted according to what we do best, helping to ensure our clients are matched with the best possible agency partner. As a Premium Partner, we can offer our clients benefits such as:

Exclusive Tools

We utilize advanced analytics tools, recommendations, and reports to understand and improve client performance.<
In addition, you’ll get access to beta releases of new Facebook and Instagram features as well as integrations through its API. This includes conversion optimizations, ad placements, and advanced audience targeting.

Paid-Media Resources

Our media buyers have access to the latest client decks and collateral, plus campaign best practices for better measurement and creative production that are only available to Facebook Marketing Partner agencies

Training & Blueprint Certification

We are proud to boast Facebook Blueprint Certified buying experts on our Rx Marketing team. Not only does this mean our clients are receiving expert-level buying services, but they can also leverage the learning tools from Blueprint, Measurement, and Creative teams to enhance knowledge on the Facebook family.

24/7 Ad Support

Facebook Ads Manager down? Ads stuck in review? Payment issues?

Don’t let the slow back-and-forth of Facebook’s general chat support feature get in the way of resolving an ad issue during a big sale moment. We can preferentially connect with premium live chat support or schedule a consultation with our experts, to resolve technical issues faster than any other advertiser can. What’s more,only Premium Partners are given access to Facebook’s Marketing Science Consultations to share measurement studies to fuel thought leadership.
From creative workshops to measurement boot camp, both our buyers and clients have opportunities to attend Facebook expos, training, and events to fuel business success.


Lastly, alongside the Partner Badge, our clients themselves have been featured in seven separate Facebook Success Stories.


Want to Find Out If We’re the Right Facebook Partner for You?

A lot more goes into choosing your partner than Rx Marketing being a Premium Partner.let’s connect and get started on your one-on-one audit today.