Google allows you to target your prospects better than any other platform.

You can target by geography, position title, industry, company size, product interest…and many more.

*This is why CPC is higher than Facebook…you’re paying for quality.

-To properly judge/compare google Ads, you MUST look at call booking, quality of meetings, close rates, and deal sizes…This is where Google comes out ahead, aka the metrics that matter.

2. You can qualify website traffic with filters and only retarget qualified prospects.

All those filters mentioned above can be used in the retargeting layer to retargeting traffic from all sources (google search ads, Facebook, organic etc.).

-This means that a properly run Google retargeting campaign can enhance the ROI of all of your other ad channels…you can’t think of google ads as being in a silo.

Best example of this is to retarget high priced google search traffic with Google Ads. Instant ROI boost.

Ok, Now let’s dive into an example strategy. 

Step 1: Cold Ads

We first must target our prospects with a cold ad campaign to get on their radar. I like single-image ads for this, and I like straightforward ads here that center around three main things.

  1. Main pain points you solve
  2. Core product/service you sell
  3. Clients experience results after working with you…or as a result of your product.

You don’t want to get too cute or clever here at first because we want to drive intentional clicks to our website. If we have a cute/funny ad that gets lots of low intention clicks, then we waste lots of time and money retargeting all that traffic which will be low converting.

*Don’t expect any conversions at this point. B2B buyers aren’t impulse shopping for 5k-30k+ solutions on their first visit to your website.

A click just means your target was curious – And that’s all we need for now. The magic will happen in the retargeting layer.

Step 2: Retargeting Layer

Now, this is where we go to work.

So there are a few main reasons why the cold traffic you sent to your website didn’t book a call yet.

A. It’s not the right time yet.

B. They are evaluating options/competitors and doing research

C. They don’t view you as the expert in the space yet.

D. They don’t trust you yet.

Most Google Ads campaigns go wrong here because all they do is run more ads that look like ads trying to sell their solution and it only overcomes objection A.

But in reality, any ad you put in front of the prospect that has your logo on it and from your company account will overcome objection A … So why not focus your attention on overcoming the other objections instead?

So, what kinds of ads should we be running in the retargeting layer?

-Case Studies


-Client success stories

-Expert opinion/advice

-Press Releases or Awards (or any 3rd party validation)

-Promote your organic communities (newsletter, FB group, Youtube channel etc)

The idea is that you don’t need to hammer them with “buy my stuff” or “book a call” type ads and CTA – They have seen your initial cold ads, been to your website, and already know what you offer.

Now you just need to show them that they can trust you and that you are THE expert.

If and when they are ready to buy, they will find their way back to your website and submit a form/book a call.

How to structure your retargeting layers.

30-Day High-intent, Strong CTA

This is generally where I spend most of my retargeting dollars. I’ll run single-image, text, spotlight, and even video ads if I have the assets.

You can set up retargeting based on those that interact with the retargeting ads. So if they see a cold ad, visit the website, are shown retargeting ads, and then interact with those or click back into the website… we pull them into a 30-day campaign and push for the booked call/demo.

This group is showing high levels of intent and could use a little nudge to book that call.

A good lead gen form ad or a link that goes straight to the calendar booking page or contact us page work well here.

180-Day Nurture Group – Light Nurture, Low Frequency

The criteria for this group to kick in is that they DID NOT interact with any of our 90-day retargeting ads and havn’t clicked back into our website.

They haven’t shown any signs of interest/intent in the 90 days since their first action.

At this point we don’t quite give up on them, but instead move them into a low frequency, low cost, nurture campaign for the next 3 months.

Here we can just use text ads, spotlight ads, and follower ads which are very low cost to stay in front of them.

If, over the next three months, they bite and click one of these ads, it they will get qued back into the 90-day group where they get the full force of our ads again.

So what results do we typically see when adopting this approach?

  1. Higher cost per click compared to other channels
  2. Higher cost per lead compared to other channels
  3. Higher conversion rate from lead to booked meeting
  4. Higher show-up rate to meetings
  5. Higher close rates on calls
  6. Bigger deal sizes

Want us to set this up for you?