What’s the best way to convert qualified leads from your website when you’re providing multiple services for different audiences?

I get asked this question a lot.

And my answer is “SEGMENTATION” otherwise known as funnels, or automation sequences. 

In this article, I’m going to show you:

  • exactly how “Segmentation” works 
  • the different methods of segmentation
  • and how you can implement it for yourself 

When applied correctly, this method can:

  • increase consultations and sales by 15-20% 
  • automate qualified leads directly to your email
  • lower your website’s bounce rates
  • if you’re doing ads, this method can also significantly lower your ad spend by at least 30%

Let’s say, you’re a plastic surgeon providing several services like facelifts, botox treatments, tummy tucks, cool sculpting, etc. 

And let’s say you’ve got a visitor on your website right now. Yippee!She’s a fifty-something-year-old who’s hoping to look younger. 

But after reading through all of the benefits on your website about Micro-needling, Morpheus8, Fillers, Botox Mini-facelifts, and skin serums, she finds herself too overwhelmed, to deal with this. 

Unfortunately, this type of scenario happens more often than you think. I can tell from my client’s bounce rates BEFORE they begin to work with me.😇

So what can we do, Doctor, to help this woman not only find the solution she’s looking for, but also to say to herself…’I already feel relieved, knowing this doctor understands exactly what I’m going through. I already feel I can trust this doctor and understand what results to expect. How quickly can I schedule an appointment?’

Here’s the process I found works best:

Start with  Research & Development :

Get clarity on what problems your audience is having with specific services.

You can use a template like this; Just make a copy to edit yourself.

**The more you understand what triggers your audience, the more consultations you’ll receive.**

Pro tip!  Add another row to the table to build more trust, and authority with UVP or testimonials to each service.

For example, ‘____ Number of Facelifts performed by Dr.X,’ 

12 5-star reviews from Facelift patients… 

Coaches and consultants could add case studies like, ‘ 300 students that increased __ sales within __30 days from this method…’ 

Once you fill in the answers in columns, you’ll be able to segment that general, looky-loo audience to your specific services/solutions that speak to them.

Here are a couple of ways to do this:

Comparison Table

Use this for your website or landing page:

This works especially well if you have a lot of traffic to your site but a high bounce rate, with low conversions/ scheduled appointments. 

This visual comparison shows your audience the information they need without the overwhelm.

Here’s an example of a  comparison table from Realself .com, with each column showing the pros and cons of each treatment:

Pro tip! 

1. Your web designer can implement a table like this with a plugin for your website using  Code canyon.

Just fill in the blanks

2. Make sure to have a Call-to-Action button for an option to find out more about that service under each column. This is where the segmentation really begins. You’ll be able to trigger specific paint points your audience has and how your solution will be able to solve them in a specific amount of time.

3. Make sure to check Google Analytics to see how many clicks and conversions you’re receiving from each service. You can even have your marketer implement a heatmap to see where your audience is reacting the most. 

Again, you can use this for any service, I’m just using medical practices as an example because I work a lot with them and create a ton of these. 

Quiz funnel

This is my all-time fav. This works well on everything- websites, ads, social media, etc. 

This method works particularly well with ads, when you have several services you want to promote, but don’t have a large budget to spend on different campaigns/ services with several different audiences.  Instead, you’ll cast a wider net, segmenting interested in “ beauty” or “skin care.”

 At this point, the quiz funnel kicks in, automatically segmenting the audience for you.

 The answers they provide will then trigger the right solution for them. 

“Based on your answers, looks like you’re a great candidate for Vivance…

This then moves them to another automated sequence, which in turn motivates them to schedule a consultation. 

This is also a fun way to get them to fill out an intake form. The more questions you provide the more answers you have to close a sale.*

Here are examples from answers from a “How much weight should you lose” Quiz Depending on their answers, the lead would funnel into an Emsculpt, Coolsculpting or Tummy tuck automation sequence.


* This information is great to reference when you call back this lead to schedule a consultation.

The list goes on! 

Chatbots and email marketing 

Once a visitor opts in they’re automatically asked questions that will then trigger them to a different solution and sequence based on their response. 

Chatbots work really well for messenger ads, Facebook pages, and websites. 

Now go get ‘em!! Let me know how it works for you by commenting below!