For anyone who’s planning on launching a paid ad campaign in the next couple of weeks, here’s what you should be doing now:

Step 1: Create “brand awareness” campaigns with video content, using the Facebook objectives, “video views” and “post-engagement.” You’ll create a “cold audience” based on their interests, demographics, etc, under 1 million people. Keep the lifetime budget $300 for 60 days( $5 per day)

Step 2: Make sure to have the pixel installed on your landing pages, and websites.

Step 3: After a couple of weeks, you are ready to launch your “Sales” objective ads. Hurray!
The first thing you want to do is capture that audience that’s been watching 50% of those videos.

Step 4. Retarget this audience along with the post-engagement audiences moving this “awareness campaign” into the “sales campaign” bringing in more new qualified leads for half the amount it would cost for a sales/conversion Facebook campaign.

Rinse. Wash. Repeat. 

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