Decrease in Sales from Facebook Ads? Here’s What to Do 

Any business doing Facebook ads right now might be experiencing higher advertising costs, from a less targeted audience,

Facebook has recently:

  • Removed personal characteristics in audiences , and niches,
    This change is hurting the cosmetic surgeons and the beauty and medical industry right now. 

* Tracking : It’s harder for you to measure your campaigns since the IOS upgrade, and Facebook.
* Removed the 28- day attribution. Without getting too technical, this change means that it will take longer for your ad to build momentum, and get conversions. Here’s how our agency has restructured our client’s marketing funnels, which have actually increased their schedule consultation rate, AND lowered their ad spend. And how you can do it, too:

Prior to these changes, we were using these objectives:

50% ad budget (Top- of Funnel)  Conversion objective* since conversion objectives are targeted for getting leads, this objective is more expensive,

Smaller audience but more targeted = higher conversions with a strong message for video talking about the service and who it’s for.


With a video ad under 30 seconds with an interest-based cold audience specific 

Stacked with the higher financial demographic, and sense of urgency – for example- for facelifts, it’s an upcoming birthday for 55+ years,  anniversary, college reunion, etc 

30% ad budget : Middle of funnel / Post Objective: We‘d  retargeted also with a post objective  those people watched the video by 50% but didn’t opt-in, and also using custom audience and lookalike audience in other ad sets,  to a post-engagement objective ( cheaper) with another video, thing time showing the clients credibility and why they need to work with him over anyone else with a more aggressive CTA

20 % ad budget Bottom of Funnel: 

Retargeted that audience with the last chance, more aggressive  CTA with a video of our client’s credibility.

What  has changed: 

Objectives. From conversions > Post engagement>  video views 

Now it’s video views > post engagement > conversions

Why needed to change this: Now that Facebook has made substantial changes that result in less targeting, we’ve now reversed the marketing funnels, to attract a wider audience, using the video views objective.

(Instead of the previous conversions with the smaller audience.) 

We’re using 50% video views ( cheaper) for a broader audience.

Sales Funnel: We’ve increased the email sequences in the sales funnel, moving the audience through a series of automation sequences when they click on a link, that moves the target audience to consultation, while simultaneously removing any tire-kickers and looky-loos.

 Ad Affect on new change: 

*Delay in  conversions: It’s taking the leads a bit longer to get them into the funnel since we’re not starting the top of the funnel conversions which have a higher optin rate, 

*Ad spend is LOWER since the %  of the top of the funnel is video views ( Did I mention, cheaper? ) 

What remains  the same: 

Strategy:  From a set of video sequences, you’re taking a cold audience, and putting content in front of them, for ideal future customers to go through, running your ads and retargeting at them after they go from not knowing you, to knowing you and wanting to work with you. The videos mention how your business solves the objectives its audience has. The more objections they can knock down, the less guarded your audience will be, and the more they will want to listen to you, trust you, and want to work with you.

If you’ve experienced lower sales from Facebook Ads, definitely give this strategy a try! It works! 

Liz Conlon