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Google 3 pack

What is Google 3-Pack?Ā  The 3-Pack is Google’sĀ method usedĀ to display the top three results forĀ local SERPĀ results. It references the userā€™s location to make the search more relevant. For instance, if
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How and Why to Create a Black Friday Offer

Itā€™s that time of year!! Black Friday/ Cyber Monday! Let me help you create the perfect Black Friday offer with these profitable email sequence templates, and Facebook ads calculator. Read
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$5 Facebook Budget?

What can you do with $5 a day? For anyone who's planning on launching a paid ad campaign in the next couple of weeks, here's what you should be doing
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How to segment your audience that increases conversions by 25% more

Whatā€™s the best way to attract and convert those qualified leads from your website when youā€™re providing multiple services for different audiences? I get asked this question a lot. And
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Our Latest Google Ad Strategy

Google allows you to target your prospects better than any other platform. You can target by geography, position title, industry, company size, product interestā€¦and many more. *This is why CPC
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Best Performing Facebook Ad Audiences

After 4 years of successfully running Facebook Ads for plastic surgeons, I’m going to reveal some of the best performing interest and demographic-based (cold) audiences for specific procedures. Before I
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